What to wear on a bicycle?

The humidity in Sydney in January makes getting dressed for work a challenge.  I bought this blue, silk wrap dress from Herringbone a few years ago.  Apparently, it’s a copy of a Yves Saint-Laurent wrap dress.  Because it’s silk, I have to affix the skirt to my leg with a garter.  It’s not fun to flash all of Sydney, not that anyone would remember!

I have a gold cuff on that I bought from a secondhand shop in Edina, Minnesota. Why Minnesota? I grew up in a northern suburbs of Minneapolis called New Brighton.  I used to think all the rich kids lived in Edina.  I was right.

The Geox heels are black patent leather.  They are my favourite shoes for cycling into the city.  They are breathable and super comfortable.  Although, not for several kilometres on New Years Eve!  But that’s another story altogether.

I love this Linus Eleanor bag.  It’s big enough to carry my laptop, water, wallet, sunglasses, snacks, phone, cosmetics. It is a little heavy to carry because it’s meant to be used on a bicycle but good for the arms, as you can see here.

My helmet is a Yakkay with a Tokyo Jazz print cover.  The helmet gets a lot of attention because the straps disappear into my hair, as you can see.  I’ve had bus drivers, pedestrians, car drivers, the police ask me about it.  But it is a helmet and is compliant in the US and Europe.  Strangely, the Australian head is vastly different to those in other continents and the Yakkay isn’t yet available here.


Kryptonite lock!  The best, of course. And Ergon pedals make it more possible to ride in heels.

Blue Silk Herringbone Dress
Blue Silk Herringbone Dress

Happy Summer Holidays and Happy Riding!


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