It Started Raining and Didn't Stop!

We had three days of constant rain in Sydney.  It was disheartening.  So much so that for one day, I stayed and worked from home.  And another day, I went through three outfits.  I dropped off the kids and the bottom of my dress was soaked.  The rain had seeped into my short gumboots.  I changed and went to Pilates.  Then I came up with this outfit.  The dress underneath is short enough to stay dry under the jacket.  I wiped my legs off in the bathroom at the office.

I bought this rain jacket from Lululemon a few years ago. It was in the “We ordered too much!” section of their online shop.  It has a funky shape with its super long tail, graduated hem and the hood actually goes over my Yakkay helmet.  The belt has reflective stripes and ties in a cute bow at the front.  It’s fully reversible and is black on the other side. The contrast gives the jacket black cuffs.  The handy slash pockets zipper shut properly.  I just love this jacket.  The only problem is that it dries verrry slooooowly.

My brother bought me the Yakkay helmet rain cover which has been so helpful.  The brim is just long enough to keep the rain off my face.  If I tie my hair back and tuck it under the helmet, it stays dry.

I’m wearing gumboots made by Kamik, which is a Canadian company.  I wish sometimes that they have heels but I’m happy to see my quadriceps in this photo.

I don’t usually wear gloves when it rains.  I find that they get wet and they stay wet all day which makes them uncomfortable on the ride home.

Rain Rain Rain!
Rain Rain Rain!
Unlocking in the Rain
Unlocking in the Rain

My Linus Eleanor bag is taking a beating today.  Fortunately, it is treated canvas.  I have a handy binder clip that I use to shut the bag properly for days like this.

Happy Safe Riding in the rain everyone!

x Sarah


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