A Reminder of Autumn after "The Rains".

I had to find my autumn jacket and a long sleeve dress after The Rains. The week that coincided with the end of the school holidays became brisk and clear. At least it wasn’t cold enough to wear tights.

I bought this Ralph Lauren faux wrap dress from Macys online.  It’s long sleeved with a great print.  My brother bought me the jacket at Zara in San Francisco for Christmas a few years ago. I chose it from the website and sent him the links via email.  Apparently, he scored some major points with his stylish boss when he came back to the office with a  Zara shopping bag with gifts for me, his older sister.  There is a fifteen year difference between us.  Our parents only had sex twice. Let me make that clear!

Good coat length for bicycling.
Good coat length for bicycling.

I ran into a mum from school on the street. She asked me how I ride my bicycle in heels.  I asked her if she pedals with her heel or the ball of her foot.  She understood my point but still shook her head in consternation. “I don’t know how you do it!” she said. “Just take it slow.” I said.

It was warmer at lunch.
It was warmer at lunch.

At lunchtime, it finally warmed up enough to unzip the jacket and it became a cape.  Sometimes, I worry that I’ll lose the zipper!


I’m wearing a few Christmas presents from my lovely husband Justin.  He bought me these Swarovski earrings.  I selected two different pairs of earrings a few weeks before Christmas.  He went into the shop later with our three year old son and the young man who helped him showed him the two different pairs. He immediately knew which ones I wanted.  The slightly larger Cartier Santos watch, which I adore, I wear all the time. And to mix it up, a pair of glam sunglasses from Big W.

My favourite earrings.
My favourite earrings.

I’ll tell you a little secret.  That pink diamond ring?  It’s from Lovisa.

Yakkay helmet.

Geox heels in suede.

Linus Eleanor bag.

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah


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