It’s Hot! Silk to the Rescue.

I grew up in the Minneapolis, Minnesota which is a very cold and hot place, in the winter and the summer.  Blizzards and tornadoes are the extremes.  Consequently, the weather is an obsession and is quoted in Fahrenheit.

When I moved to London and ultimately to Sydney, I had to switch to Celsius.  Can I tell you the exact conversion from C to F at all temperatures? No. I know that 32F equals 0C – the freezing point of water. Brrrr! Thankfully, we never experience this in Sydney. My benchmark is 28C. That’s roughly 82F. Anything above that and it’s hot!

It was 35C today.  Super hot! Silk skirt and blouse came to my rescue.  The blouse is from J. Crew and the skirt from Zara.  I love the ruffles on the blouse.


The skirt resembles an Hermes scarf.  Its’ faux wrap style is dangerously just as flimsy. I have the skirt adhered to my leg with a garter. I wear the garter high on my thigh and tuck it in around the hem. I have flashed people on the street accidentally. Consequently, I always wear beautiful lingerie. Maybe I’m just making the world a better place?

I don’t like to ride on the footpath. But Martin Place, which is a public concourse, is wide enough to accommodate.  I sometimes use the “ratcheting” technique from mountain biking to go slowly.

Crossing with the lights and the pedestrians.

I met a friend for lunch and was heading back to the office.  I ran into some crazy traffic on the road. Sometimes, it’s just safer to walk the bicycle for awhile as a pedestrian.

It's good to be a pedestrian sometimes.
As a pedestrian pushing a heavy e-bike.

I have noticed that wearing heels and walking long distances is not comfortable.  Why not just bicycle in heels?

Geox shoes

Linus Eleanor handbag

Yakkay helmet

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah


  1. A message from Roseville, Minnesota, U.S.A.
    This morning the temperature is -2º Fahrenheit or about -34º Centigrade. The wind is about 8 mph giving us a wind chill of about -10º Fahrenheit.
    I went out for some breakfast donuts and relished the brisk weather. The snow actually squeaks when you step on it. The snow crystals move against each other to make the squeaking noise.

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