A Jacket for Catching Cold on Friday

I spend Fridays “at home” with Julius while Ofelia is at school. After his morning swimming lesson, we grocery shop and have lunch with my husband, Justin.  In the afternoons, we pick up Ofelia from school and take her to her violin lesson.

Unfortunately, I could feel the beginnings of a cold. My throat hurt and I was freezing despite the warm summer day. So much so that I put this ancient Mossimo jacket on.  We had a great Japanese lunch in Surry Hills and afterwards I felt a bit better.

Post lunch with sleepy Julius.

We had planned to go to the city to buy some rosin for my daughter’s violin.  So, off we went!  At a red light, I finally felt warm and took the jacket off and tossed it into the cabin of the Nihola.

I’m wearing a Herringbone shirt with French cuffs and J.Crew shorts that Justin bought in the US.  He went to Portland last year to buy his Speedvagen cyclocross bicycle. My only request was something from J.Crew, despite his limited baggage capacity, because I love their style.  Jenna Lyons is on fire! I’m wearing a “Return to Tiffany” necklace which I find ironic. Plus it looks great with a collared shirt.

In traffic with Julius.

The Nihola tricycle has an electric-motor-boost which is essential here in Sydney.  Glowworm Bicycles in Marrickville installed it for us.  In Copenhagen, where the Nihola is made, it isn’t as hilly. But here in Sydney, carrying two children who weigh 50kg combined, myself, and the Nihola which weighs about 32kg itself, could result in having very large thighs, not riding it very often, or installing an electric-motor-boost.

The total cost to buy the Nihola, ship it to Sydney and install an electric motor was about AUD 6,000.  We had already decided not to buy a car. For us, this purchase made sense.  We don’t pay for petrol, insurance, parking, tickets or for the stress of driving in Sydney.  It has also helped me to lose 17kg. Most people have been positive about the Nihola.  A few have not which has been interesting.


I use an Abus motorcycle lock. It’s size makes it easy to lock helmets and trike to a post.

We found the rosin and picked up my daughter. I developed a fever and slept for fifteen hours the next day. I didn’t even eat dinner! By Monday, I was well enough but it was a quick weekend!

Yakkay helmet.

Linus Eleanor bag

Ancient Zara platform sandals.

On Julius: Little Nutty helmet, Baby Gap t-shirt.

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah

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