A Burberry Kind of a Day

My husband Justin and I usually have a quick discussion about the weather after breakfast.  “Should we take rain gear today?” If you carry a raincoat, it usually doesn’t rain. But if you wear one, look stylish!

I’m wearing a Burberry poncho with a high collar that buttons shut. It has a lovely detail strap in the front and it’s lined and waterproof. The colour is eye-catching and improves my visibility to drivers. The jacket helps keep me dry if there is a quick shower or a light sprinkle of rain.  Anything more and I’ll wear the Lululemon (See “It Started Raining and Didn’t Stop.” 29 Jan 2015) or I’ll wait for the rain to subside a little before setting off.  Don’t worry, I too have been caught in downpours on the way home. It happens.  I bought the poncho second-hand at a shop in Minneapolis called June. I’m also wearing cycling gloves today which give me a better grip.

After a busy morning of work, I had a craving for har mee, Malaysian spicy prawn and noodle soup.  By the time I arrived at the cafe, I was warm. There were even whispers of sun in the ride from the office. I rolled the poncho up and put it in my Linus bag. I like to wear sunglasses while riding, even if it’s not sunny, because of the occasional flying rock in the face or bug in the eye. Dior sunglasses are expensive and for good reason. The shape is beautiful and the plastic lens is much higher quality than those of my Big W aviators.

I’m wearing a Leona Edmiston dress. Her dresses have wonderful prints and Ruby, the diffusion collection, is affordable. They’re also very comfortable and have a degree of stretch which is great for cycling. Most are machine washable in delicate! The wrap dress is very flattering and is a great length. Also, the material is heavy enough that the skirt doesn’t fly up too easily.

IMG_4860 2
Which keys?

To lock or unlock, bending and stretching can be taxing in a dress.  It’s a sort of half crouch to place the lock between the bike and signpost.  But again, the fabric is quite stretchy which makes this position easier.  The cut of the dress is also very flattering and doesn’t flap open in odd positions.

IMG_4865 2

When I can, I like to match my jewellery to my outfits. The green birds on the dress go well with these gold earrings with green stones. And by the time I had finished lunch, the sun had come out!

IMG_4869 3
Matchy matchy?

eZee Sprint

Burberry rain poncho

Leona Edmiston dress

Yakkay helmet.

Geox shoes.

Womens Serfas cycling gloves.

Dior sunglasses

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah

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