Party Clothes for a Demonstration

We went to the Save the College Street Bicycle Path demonstration on Sunday. Why the city wants to demolish one of the most used bicycle paths is a serious question for which there is no reasonable answer, yet.

It started at 4pm but we were late because we had to build Julius’ new “big boy bed.” He’s turning four in April and his excitement was great.  He was vibrating with happiness. The flat pack bed came in four boxes. We tackled it into submission in four hours or at least to the point where we could safely put Julius’ mattress on top.

As Justin and I approached Hyde Park with the kids in the Nihola, my heart sank as I saw many cyclists departing.  It was now 5:15pm. Fortunately, when we arrived, we saw our good friend Maurice who owns Glowworm Bicycles in Marrickville. He said the numbers were great. Between 500 and 600 people had shown up on bicycles.  They rounded the park in a slow loop via the cyclepath about 4pm. We told the kids that we were going to a party in the park.  It was a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Many people were sitting on the grass and milling around the fountain when we arrived.


I met Sara who founded “Humans on Bikes” on Facebook. (#HumansOnBikes). She was so lovely and said that she had seen me many times on the Nihola.  She said that I was usually going fast which makes sense as I’m usually trying to be on time despite the kids.

Everyone is hungry.
Time to go!

And then the kids were hungry and thirsty and we had to go.  We had agreed to dinner at Mamak which has the best Malaysian in Sydney. The queue at 6pm wasn’t too bad but the kids required some dried fruit and nuts to quell their hunger.

Seated, we ate like kings!  Nasi lemak, fish curry, two rotis with curry, a dozen chicken satay, rojak, sambal prawns, two lime ice drinks and a dessert roti later, I was happy to take the kids home without using much power!

Zara lace top and singlet, shorts, wedge sandals

Yakkay helmet

Dior sunglasses

Linus Eleanor handbag

On the kids:

Gapkids Dress and Industrie t-shirt, J.Crew shorts

Little Nutty helmets

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah


  1. Great post & blog Sarah! (Found you via Humans On Bikes). I saw you relaxedly zooming up Campbell St the other day (while I was struggling!) and was highly impressed! You actually kicked my butt in a Cyclocross race last year. Good to see you again. I must say hi next time!


  2. Im really enjoying reading your blog Sarah and your bicycle collection is impressive – not to mention your beautiful attire! My husband and I like to ride bikes for pleasure and have recently been able to combine a self organised holiday with bike riding on a Bike Rail Trail in the US riding from Pittsburgh to Washington.

    We rode at our leisure, along the now disused rail corridors or tow paths and stayed at one bed and breakfast after another, usually averaging an easy 50miles a day.

    The advantage for us was that it was along gentle gradients, avoiding all traffice and soaking up what nature had to offer in the form of forests, birds and animals.

    Im looking forward to reading more of your adventures and wardrobe and Ive even scoped out where to buy one of your groovy helmets.



    1. Hi Lindee, that sounds like an awesome ride! I mentioned it to Justin and he had heard of it and we both became excited. So pleased you are enjoying the postings. I’m finding them to be a guilty pleasure. And Yakkay makes awesome helmets. X Sarah


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