Jumpsuits are Hot and Comfortable

My husband Justin bought me this jumpsuit at Cue in the winter.  I imagined wearing it with wedges and the warm summer air would be a caress, not a slap as it was. And the day came to wear it as I had imagined.

I dropped the kids off in the Nihola at childcare and school.  Unfortunately, the right pant leg caught in the chain ring and I now have a small rip that needs repair.

IMG_4872 3
I forgot my pant leg cuff. Sigh.

Otherwise, all went well. Breakfast, homework and violin practice out of the way, I handed Ofelia my camera and she demonstrated her mastery of the selfie technique.

Julius and Ofelia in the Nihola
The morning drop off.

I wanted to reiterate how much easier I find it to get around in high heels while on a bicycle. These Geox wedges are nearly 3 inches high and are surprisingly comfortable.  In these heels I am 5’10”, which is awesome! But to be able to walk several kilometres from home to work and to a bit of shopping at lunch would be slow and potentially painful. Hence, heels on bicycle!

Riding in heels is much better than walking.

I love how a jumpsuit gives you a very long elegant line. The only downside is that you have to get naked to go to the toilet. Ladies have asked me for help to un-zip by the sinks and I have done the same. Late one evening, while wearing a different jumpsuit with an open back, I was caressed in the ladies toilet of a great restaurant but that’s another story altogether.

Locked up and ready to go.
Locked up and ready to go.

I am a big fan of highlights these days. It makes the grey less noticeable. I resemble this Gucci model if she were Asian and riding a bicycle instead of lounging around (and without kids). Don’t you agree?

Earrings and sunglasses are having a good conversation
Earrings and sunglasses work!

The Swarovski earrings and temple detail of the Dior sunglasses highlight the white flowers on the jumpsuit. I thought I’d put some matte pink lipstick on to brighten things up a bit.

Yakkay helmet

Swarovski earrings

Dior sunglasses

Cue jumpsuit

Geox wedges

Linus Eleanor bag

eZee Sprint electric bicycle

Kryptonite lock

On the kids: Little Nutty helmets, school uniform, Gapkids jacket

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah


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