A "Movie Star" Kind of a Day

My friend C and I had planned to have lunch together. She is one of my closest friends. She is also gorgeous and very successful! We were standing in front of the restaurant and a woman approached us as if to ask for directions. Instead, she stopped and said, “I feel like I’m on a movie set. The two of you are so beautiful.” It was a lovely compliment.

Nearly at lunch
Nearly at lunch

I’ll tell you a little secret though. I used to be fat. Actually, I used to be obese. At 171cm, I weighed 89 kilograms. My BMI was 30. When I was pregnant with my first child, I developed gestational diabetes. I had all the risk factors of age, being overweight and ethnicity.  I had to inject insulin four times a day to moderate the amount of glucose that would pass from me to my daughter. Unchecked the diabetes could have resulted in a larger Ofelia which would have made delivery more difficult. I could also pass diabetes to my daughter. During pregnancy, hormones inhibit the correct amount of insulin needed to regulate glucose in the body. After my daughter was born, I lost 20 kilograms. I looked and felt much better. During the second pregnancy, I had to inject once before bedtime which was a substantial improvement from the first.

Locking up
Locking up

I lost the weight by using Weight Watchers. I learned how to moderate my intake of carbohydrates. I eat an enormous amount of vegetables and a reasonable amount of protein. I lost the weight slowly. Eating is a habit and habits are hard to break, as we all know. I lost a kilo a month. Now, I weigh 69 kilograms.  I have a little more to lose but I now have a healthy BMI of 23.

A movie star dress.
A movie star dress.

I love this dress.  It makes me feel like a movie star.  Compliments are wonderful especially when they are a result of hard work.  And the cycling has helped enormously.

Zara dress

Geox shoes

Yakkay helmet

Linus Eleanor handbag

eZee Sprint bicycle

Dior sunglasses

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah


  1. Hola!

    Another stellar post 🙂

    Inspiring stuff,Sarah.

    You certainly do have that ‘Celebrity/Movie star’ look.

    Perhaps you could write a self help book and inspire a nation of beautiful people?


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