Bus, Bicycle Lanes and Black Dresses

I bought this Max Mara linen dress second-hand from June in Minneapolis.  It’s very elegant and great for the high humidity. The ruffles make it especially pretty.  I have to tuck it into my cycling garter, otherwise it’s possible to end up flashing more than just leg.

Pretty ruffles!
Pretty ruffles!

Here in Sydney, we have a few options for riding a bicycle around the Central Business District, referred to as the “CBD.” Dedicated green bicycle lanes make riding a pleasure around the city.  The errant pedestrian/tourist is the only thing to look out for. At present, the bicycle paths don’t connect. There are plans for them to do so one day. Fortunately, they have become extremely popular. Ever-increasing numbers of people use them to commute to the city and return home safely.

Bicyclists are also entitled to share the bus lane with buses and taxis.  (Watch out for the taxis and coach bus drivers!) For the most part, my experience has been positive with the city bus drivers.  They are a friendly bunch and have been well trained.  One or two bad eggs can’t ruin the entire bunch.

Adjusting the skirt in a safe moment.

And then there is riding in the traffic. For the most part, riding in the city is manageable.  Traffic tends to crawl, even down George Street, the main thoroughfare for cars through the CBD.  I have ridden down George Street many times and made it to my destination safely. It’s wise to take up the entire lane as you have seen in my many photos.  It’s also best to be confident in your decision to ride in the city.  I have experienced animosity with many car drivers.  A safe cyclist has confidence to be able to stop quickly, signal clearly to drivers who are behind you, make eye contact with those around you, anticipate and enjoy the ride.  How does one gain confidence? Try take a riding course.  The City of Sydney offers several free courses and there is a new initiative being offered in Australia called “She Rides” (#SheRidesAU). And of course, by riding every day!

And confidence is so very attractive!

Getting ready to depart.
Bada Bing!

Today’s ensemble: Max Mara dress, Geox heels, Yakkay helmet, Cartier Santos, J.Crew earrings and cuff, Linus Eleanor bag, Dior sunglasses, eZee Sprint bicycle, Kryptonite lock.

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah


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