Fear of Falling and Other Mishaps

I love this Leona Edmiston dress. We have had many adventures together.  The dress is a gorgeous colour and the spray of blossoms scattered around the dress is just perfect.  I like to let it speak for itself with minimal accessories.

The "Blossom" dress
The “Blossom” dress

People often ask me if I have ever fallen off my bicycle. I have fallen twice and once in this dress.

The first time was after a massage in the CBD. I completely relaxed and then fell asleep.  I put this dress on again and immediately left for my next appointment.  I should have waited for my blood pressure to normalise.  I slowed at a stoplight at Bridge and Pitt Streets, a major intersection. Instead of removing my foot from the pedal, I accidentally jammed it back and the heel caught in the pedal.  Of course, instead of falling on the side of my free foot, I fell in the direction of the stuck foot. I heard a collective gasp as the people waiting to cross saw me fall slowly to the ground.  One very lovely man helped me up. I had a few scratches and little bit of blood.  Nothing too bad. What did I learn? Budget some time after a massage to recover. Drink some water. Make a phone call. Enjoy being relaxed. 

The second time was worse.  I was late for a dentist appointment. It had been raining.  I exited the garage of our building on my e-Zee bike and a speeding car went past.  I was startled and fell over. Because it was slippery, my foot didn’t make solid contact with the ramped footpath. My foot twisted on the way down. No one saw me fall. I had my own embarrassment as company. I went to the dentist bloodied and bruised. They helped me clean my wounds and gave me lots of ice.  Fortunately, my foot was elevated the entire time. I went to the doctor afterwards though because my foot hurt so much. After a follow-up x-ray to confirm that nothing was broken, I hobbled around for a few weeks. I learned that I need to stop well before the ramp and look both ways before setting off. 

Then there was the time I dropped the e-Zee bike and it fell down my leg because the stand was broken and unstable. I had enjoyed a few glasses of wine as well. So, entirely my own fault. What not to do? Don’t drink and ride. Keep my bicycle in good repair and have it serviced regularly. 

I take the bicycle for a regular service every six months, sometimes more often if a problem arises.  

And those scars on my left leg? They’re still healing. 

I fell off my mountain bike in early December.

Just brace yourself, I also ride a mountain bike and have fallen many times…while wearing lycra.

Today’s ensemble: Leona Edmiston dress, Dior sunglasses, Geox heels, Yakkay helmet, Linus Eleanor bag, Cartier Santos watch, eZee Sprint bicycle, gold cuff and gold earrings both purchased second-hand (Fashion Avenue, Minneapolis), Kryptonite lock.

Happy Cycling!

X Sarah


  1. I am so pleased you have kept riding. The photos are lovely (some nice street furniture framing on the last one) and you are right, most of the time we can avoid accidents by being aware and taking care of ourselves.


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