Casual “Whaleday” on the Nihola

Turning or “cornering” in the Nihola is always interesting. The Nihola Cigar can carry up to 90 kilos in the cabin. The more weight, the better it handles.  The combination of the front wheels, which move independently of the cabin, and the lower profile of the cabin, make it more stable than other cargo tricycles.  In this turn, I am leaning while the Nihola is stable. The first time that I rode the Nihola, the “lean” was a bit unsettling. However, leaning is a natural result of the motion of turning on a bicycle. However, leaning too much with an empty cabin and going a little too fast can result in a bit of “trick riding” on two wheels!

IMG_4925 2
The “Lean”

Julius and I were running an errand today after his swimming lesson. I needed some new business cards printed. It’s always fun going around the city with him in the Nihola, especially on Fridays which is my “day off” with him. I am a little sad that this is the last year he will be home, as he starts school next year, but I’ll survive.  My young son is always intrigued by what he sees.  The conversations during our journeys are varied and I have to think fast sometimes to come up with an answer.  While we were locking up, he saw this advertisement.  He’s started to recognise letters at preschool and here were some arranged attractively for his benefit.  He asked what it was for. I told him it was for a drink that some people like. He asked, “A grown-up drink?” “Yes.” I said.

What is that sign Oma?
What is that sign, Oma? (“Oma” is “Mummy” in Korean)

On Fridays, I like to dress casually. The shorts and jumper are from J.Crew.  I love the spouting, green whales on the jumper. A dark bra underneath makes it a little sexy too. The Yakkay helmet matches everything with its lovely tweed pattern.

IMG_4964 2
It’s not casual Friday. It’s casual “Whaleday!”

We left the shop empty-handed. Waiting for seven to ten days for business cards is too long.  The second shop was more optimistic and said they would have them printed by Monday. We left to have lunch with Justin.  At lunch, we ran into D., whom I met in London, at the same party where I first met Justin thirteen years ago.  We chatted about kids and work and then left to pick up Ofelia from school.

Julius is patiently..
Julius is patiently..
waiting for me...
waiting for me…
to get underway.
to get underway.

We rode home on the Kent Street Cycleway which is painted bright green.  I think this is the craziest cycle path in the city.  Pedestrians tend to stream onto the cycle path without looking, usually while on the phone.  I ring my bell continuously to Justin’s office.  Fortunately, the cycle path is there for our riding pleasure.

And those business cards? They took a week anyway…

Today’s ensemble: J.Crew jumper and shorts, Zara wedge sandals, Yakkay helmet, Dior sunglasses, Linus Eleanor handbag, Nihola tricycle. On Julius: Little Nutty helmet, BabyGap jean jacket, Zara t-shirt.

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah


  1. The Nihola was a transformative purchase for our family. It changed the way we looked at transport and started our spiral into the cycle world and away from car dependency. It was worth every penny, and more!

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