The Tiger Mum (Who Does Some Things Well)

My mother, who is a Tiger Mom, demanded no less than perfection from me when I was a child.  As a result, I was a success on paper as a young adult. And now, many years later, I am very happy with how my life has evolved. I have two wonderful children and a loving husband. My work is satisfying. Our life has been described as bohemian, which makes me smile.

The game of “Where is your nose?” while waiting for dinner.

My friends jokingly refer to me as a Tiger Mum here in Sydney.  Fortunately, I’m married to Justin who is neither American nor Korean.  He is Australian. He provides a positive counterpoint to the hyper-achieving, driving force that can arise in me having been a product of a Tiger Mom.

A few years ago when the book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” was released, I finished the book in one sitting late one night. I couldn’t sleep afterwards as I remembered being the child of the Tiger Mom. Despite that, I give credit to Amy Chua, the author, as I do my mother, for having spent the time tirelessly raising her children, working full-time, running a household and being a wife.  When I went to the Leona Edmiston shop and bought this dress, I didn’t realise the association until much later. The print includes blue and red baby tigers.  The fit of the wrap dress is very flattering and the tigers aren’t immediately obvious.  It’s one of my favourites because of the whimsical design.

Can you see the tigers?

Fortunately, my mother also instilled in me the belief that I had the capability to do anything and that I was a super star. How does that translate now as a wife and mother? It means that I choose to do specific things well.  It’s impossible to do everything well. I love cooking delicious meals. I am trying to instill a good work ethic in my children. I try to be present for them and foster love, trust and independence. I look after my physical and mental health to stay active and engaged. I surround myself with positive people and we laugh every day. Our nanny will speak French with our kids and pick them up from school and daycare a few times a week.  The laundry gets put away eventually. I thank our cleaner for her help every week.

If it looks like rain, like it did today, I wear my Yakkay helmet with rain cover and carry a raincoat.


But some days, despite everything, you get caught in the downpour!


Today’s ensemble: Leona Edmiston dress, Geox shoes, Yakkay helmet with raincover, Dior sunglasses, traditional Indian earrings, Linus Eleanor bag, Cartier Santos watch, gold cuff, Burberry cape, eZee Sprint bicycle,

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah

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