The (Injured) Lady in Red's Lifestyle Choice

The name of this dress from J.Crew is very apt. It’s called the Origami dress because of the delicate folds that make up the neckline. It’s made of superfine wool and is very comfortable in both the heat and the air conditioned office. While on foot, I’ve mis-timed crossing the street in this dress and taxi drivers have smiled at me and slowed down. Such is the power of this dress.

Red is very powerful!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the power to heal my wounds.  The mountain biking injury was becoming infected and my thigh was starting to match the colour of my dress (and the bruises were starting to match my heels).  But I still had to go to work and to drop off children at childcare and school. These are The Things That Must Be Done as wife and mother.  You might ask, “Why don’t you just stay home and rest?” For those of you who have children, you know the answer. If you don’t have children, just wait until you do. Or don’t have them!

Still happy to cycle.

For those of you who have asked, “Why are you riding a bicycle while your leg is infected?” If you don’t ride a bicycle, let me explain. We don’t own a car because driving in a congested city like Sydney poses its own set of problems. Parking is difficult to find, especially around schools (for good reason), and searching for a spot can result in delays. Public transport here is poor and if you have time to be delayed for no reason, feel free to take it.

Those of you who ride a bicycle to commute, you understand. It’s a lifestyle choice. There is freedom in riding a bicycle. Journey time is reduced versus walking with children and/or pushing a stroller. You obtain incidental exercise while on your way to the office, going shopping or running errands. It’s possible to enjoy the ride, feel the wind in your hair, forget about the problems at the office.  You need to concentrate on the journey through the traffic to arrive safely. It’s social. You can make conversation or a friend. There are people on the bicycle lanes, stopped at the lights, racing you up the hill on Oxford Street in Darlinghurst.

As for me, a week post the injury, I went to the doctor because the wound was not healing and I had a low-grade fever.  The doctor put me on an IV drip and prescribed a course of antibiotics. I spent the weekend in bed while my husband, Justin, looked after the kids.  I’ll put the mountain bike aside for a little while to heal physically and to get my confidence back. In the meantime, I’ll ride my road bike when the swelling subsides to keep my fitness levels up. Yes, a road bike. Red, of course.

It’s important to match bicycle to lipstick…

…and nail polish.

But then there’s always the daily commute to childcare, school and work to keep me happy.

Today’s ensemble: J.Crew Origami dress, Yakkay helmet with raincover, Cartier Santos, Dior sunglasses, traditional Indian gold earrings, gold cuff, Geox heels, eZee Sprint, Linus Eleanor handbag, Kryptonite lock.

Ecstatic Cycling!

X Sarah


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