Bicycling + Thinking = Happiness

I went for an early morning ride yesterday on my road bike.  Afterwards, I put on this dress from Jigsaw. It’s a little short but I love the puffy sleeves and if it’s comfortable, it means that my weight is down. Hooray!

Signaling a turn to meet a friend for a coffee.

Earlier, I had woken with my alarm at 5am and promptly fell asleep again.  At 5:38am, I woke up with a start. It was pitch dark because of the fading summer/early autumn. The night before I had prepared for a ride, only the second opportunity since my mountain bike injury. Resting my leg to give it adequate time to heal has meant cycling for transport only.

I had charged the front and rear bike lights, placed my license and credit card in a small plastic bag, laid out my lycra shorts, top, gilet and socks in the bathroom, gathered water bottle, riding glasses, repair canister, gloves and keys. It seemed a shame to let all that effort go to waste. Once awake, I quickly washed, brushed and dressed. I had a small yogurt and a piece of toast. I left the sleeping house at 6:05am. I wasn’t going to make it all the way to Bondi Beach, my preferred roundtrip of twenty-three kilometres, but it didn’t matter.

Concentrating on the road. 

When I am on a bicycle, road, pushbike or e-bike, after the initial bout of concentration on the road, breathing, motion, I suddenly have ideas. Of course, it’s important to pay attention to the road and its obstacles. Centennial Park was eerily dark at this early hour. People were going for their morning walks and their reflective trainers would pop up in my field of vision before their bodies.  Midway through the dark park, an idea for my blog appeared, then another, and another. I like riding alone because I don’t feel obligated to speak. I am an extrovert but having the time and space to be alone with my thoughts is a luxury. And then there was the sunrise at the top of the giant hill just outside Queens Park, with the great view of the city.

An inspiring view! I should have written down my ideas when I stopped. Maybe that’s what Elgar did?

Recently, I listened to a radio show called “Keys to Music”on ABC Classic FM. The subject was Edward Elgar the English composer. I was initially surprised to hear that he was a cyclist. But then not at all to discover that  “the rhythm of his pedalling would inspire his greatest decade as a composer.”  I would not compare myself to Elgar but the wonderful sensation of cycling seems to inspire creative thought.

And then it was time to return home. Strava had recorded my ride of nearly fourteen kilometres. I was pleased but then I realised that I had forgotten two of my three ideas. I didn’t have a chance to write them down while bicycling.  How Elgar managed to remember what he had composed while on a heavy fixed gear bicycle for eighty miles is beyond me. Fortunately, two ideas have come back to me since.

I opened the front door and heard “Good morning Oma!” from my children at 7:05am. And then Julius fell halfway down the stairs.  He’s nearly four and very strong. He managed to grab one of the posts to stop his fall. He was in pain and the tears were inevitable. He was well after a cuddle. Time to start the rest of my day.

Off to the office!

Happy Cycling!

Today’s ensemble: Jigsaw dress, Yakkay helmet, Dior sunglasses, Swarovski earrings, Geox heels, Linus Eleanor Handbag, Tegaderm bandage, eZee Sprint Bicycle.

X Sarah

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