The Intersection of Cycling and Fashion

I’ve always had a fascination with fashion. When I was a teenager, I would devour Vogue Magazine. My mother would never allow a subscription. “Too much advertising!” My parents said. Nevertheless, I would find an opportunity to skim through it at the local drugstore in suburban Minneapolis.  Later, I always bought it when I travelled by plane. I felt I could devote my full attention to it by placing it on the tiny little table. However, I think it all started with my mother. She was always elegant when she went out for the evening. Her mother was a beauty. The summer after my second year at university, I was in Seoul and over lunch my grandfather told me about her naturally red lips. According to my aunt, she dressed elegantly before a dentist appointment, oiled her hair to a shiny ebony and archly asked for an opinion. My daughter seems to have absorbed my interest. She has asked my husband Justin in preparation for an evening out, “You’re going out like that?”

This outfit received my daughter Ofelia’s stamp of approval.

Consequently, when Harrolds Woman, a new designer store at Westfield Sydney, sent me an invitation me for a book signing with Derek Blasberg, I pounced. Well, after I finished writing a blog post, a fairly concentrated activity.  I RSVP’d forty-five minutes after receiving the email, “Yes.” And hoped that I was one of the first fifty respondents.  This was an opportunity to meet FASHION close-up.   Derek is red-hot famous. I did my research on him while waiting to hear if I had secured a spot for the evening. There he was running a half-marathon with two models in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. There were photos of him hanging out with Chloe Sevigny and other famous ladies. I was getting excited.

IMG_7180 2
Making friends with Derek. I even asked him to come to Bondi on e-bike. He said, “Next time.”

And then I realised I might have a conflict. I was planning to attend the Women’s Cycling Expert Roundtable the same night.  Here was the intersection of Fashion and Bicycling attempting to mess me up! Fortunately, on Monday I received the acceptance email from Harrolds. Later that day, I confirmed that the Roundtable and Harrolds events were consecutive and breathed a sigh of relief. Immediately, I began planning my outfit for the evening. I love this Zara jumpsuit and these J.Crew booties.  Together, they made me feel fashionable, modern, up-to-date.

Its so much fun riding in a jumpsuit!

The evening was super fun. It was a blend of my two loves.  Cycling and Fashion. What did I discover?

Fashion up close can be scarily unhealthy-looking. There were many young ladies wearing slightly off colour foundation at the Harrolds event. A fashion model was there.  She was slender with very little muscle.  I was suddenly pleased at the legislation in France banning super-skinny models. But to be fair, the lighting was harsh in the store. Even I looked a bit odd.

IMG_7176 2
Lighting is everything.

In contrast to this, the womens cycling experts were healthy and natural looking with great bodies.

Telling a story about cycling faster than many men on an e-bike up Oxford Street in heels and dress. And how we can be a positive force for change.

How to marry the two? That is the goal of this blog!

Going home after a wild night!

Tonight’s ensemble:  Zara jumpsuit, J.Crew booties, Yakkay helmet, J.Crew earrings, Cartier Santos, eZee Sprint bicycle, Linus Sac.

Happy Cycling!

X Sarah

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