Beautiful Fridays on the Nihola

Sometimes, I forget how beautiful Sydney is as a city.  Fortunately, I am always reminded of it on Fridays. The pace of the day is slower.  Julius and I have time together after his morning swimming lesson to do something fun. We always ride the Nihola tricycle because for me, it’s the most comfortable means to travel together. After Ofelia and Julius each weighed ten kilograms, the bicycle seemed less maneuverable with the extra weight in the back.  Starting on an incline or stopping quickly in the event of an emergency became slightly scary on the Giant hybrid and the eZee Sprint. On the Nihola tricycle, I don’t worry about either. Instead, I concentrate on the road and the cars around me.  The eZee electric motor, which we had installed at Glowworm Bicycles, also helps us up the hills.  

The first outing on the Nihola!

Julius started riding in the Nihola when he was seven months old. He was safely strapped into a Weber baby shell with a five point harness.  We bought him a tiny helmet. He and Ofelia usually fell asleep during the ride.  Now that Ofelia is at school, he’s my “partner-in-crime” on Fridays.

I wonder what his perspective will be when he is a teenager, having ridden in bicycles as opposed to cars at an early age? When we take a GoGet Car, the car-share program to which we belong, he always says after the initial excitement, “I’m bored of this car.”  I think that it must be more interesting for him in the tricycle.

The eye-catching Swarovski jewellery shop.


Today, we were exchanging some clothes at a shop at Westfield Sydney.  The City of Sydney has installed bicycle parking all over the CBD. It can be tricky parking the Nihola given its width.  But with a little finesse, it’s possible to turn it around and park anywhere.  And there is no shortage of signposts dotting the city landscape which always make it possible to park close to our destination.

The Nihola is too wide to lock up at this angle.

But it’s possible…

…to turn around…

…and lock it up this way.

Afterwards, we had planned to have lunch with Justin.  We met him outside his office and rode to Cafe Sopra at Walsh Bay together. We took Hickson Road, which is usually a quiet ride, to Walsh Bay which has a much better selection of cafes and restaurants. We settled in for a lovely lunch.


Then we went for coffee along the foreshore.

Justin rode his $200 fixed gear bicycle which has now been updated with better components.  One evening out, I witnessed a twenty-something woman fondle his bottom on this bicycle.  It must have been the pink grip tape.

Having grown up as a land-locked Midwesterner, I’m always struck by the beauty of the harbour and how it’s used as a waterway and for recreation.  Julius loves “boaties,” as he calls them.  We saw several and then we saw some very large ones.

A sailboat!

Really large boaties!

We had coffee and Julius had a babycinno. Justin rode back to work and Julius and I went home for some “quiet time.” Julius will play with his toys or “read” a book followed by twenty minutes of television while I usually check my emails.  I started making dinner. And then it was time to pick Ofelia up from school.

A beautiful relaxed Friday.

Today’s ensemble: J.Crew skirt, Zara blouse, Zara wedges, Yakkay helmet, Dior sunglasses, Nihola Cigar.

Julius’ ensemble: W Bali t-shirt, Crewcuts shorts, Nutcase helmet.

Justin’s ensemble: T.M. Lewin shirt and silk tie, Tom Ford glasses, Calvin Klein trousers, POC helmet, Chain Reaction fixed gear bicycle.

Happy Cycling!

X Sarah


  1. hi sarah,

    great trike….that nihola!

    by the way, we bumped into each other outside degani’s on saturday…thanks for the stop ‘n chat!



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