Rain Days in Sydney

I woke up in shock to see the current forecast for Sydney at 6:45am this morning. We “go to the snow.” It never comes to us.

It’s been raining non-stop for the past three days in Sydney.  Our daughter Ofelia was sick yesterday and stayed home from school. She came home soaked from an excursion with vacation care on Monday. I felt fortunate to stay home with her while Justin took our son Julius to daycare. We dressed Julius warmly in layers. He wore his rain jacket with the hood on under his helmet to keep him dry. I made him a rubbish bag skirt to keep his legs dry and he happily wore his gumboots.

veloaporter cycling with kids cycling in the rain
Julius’ face was a little wet and the rubbish bag skirt flew up a couple of times.  Otherwise, he was warm and dry.

They made it to daycare safely on the Yuba Mundo and Justin stayed dry with his rain pants, helmet, pit boots and long wool gabardine raincoat for the rest of the journey to work.

veloaporter cycling with kids cycling in the rain stylish cycling yakkay
Cycling stylishly in the rain!

speedvagen pit boots veloaporter cycling in the rain
Pit boots drying for their next journey home.

I worked from home while Ofelia read, played with her dolls and watched a bit of telly. Later in the afternoon, daycare rang me to tell me that they were closing because of the severe weather and could I pick Julius up early? It would be only the second time this year when I would use a car from GoGet, our car-share program, to pick up Julius. I chose an SUV, from the range of available vehicles, because of the rain and severe winds. It seemed like the right choice. Fortunately, Ofelia had recovered from this day of rest and was well by the evening.

While making dinner, I recalled the ride home on Monday night. When the raindrops hit my face, I imagined it was similar to a series of Botox injections. It hurt. I was also alone. There were no other cyclists. The wind at the intersection of Oxford, College, Liverpool and Wentworth Streets was like a tornado. Several times, it buffeted me on my heavy e-bike to the point where I thought it might push me over.  Being home because of the weather reminded me of “snow days” in Minnesota as a child when the schools would close because of a blizzard or extreme cold. Home was a warm and dry cocoon. The radio would usually be tuned to Minnesota Public Radio and the bad weather would recede to a snow covered landscape outside the window.  Here, I had ABC Classic FM and Ofelia and I saw the sheets of rain and heard the howling wind.

Yesterday I tried a tucked in bob and some new eyeshadow to match my necklace. Pouring with rain outside!

I had escaped the tyranny of the weather snug at home yesterday. But not today. Justin had early morning meetings today. I would take the kids to school and daycare. Fortunately, four years of daily cycling to the office has resulted in a collection of rain gear suitable for cycling. The foundation is a pair of women’s trousers from Outlier.

Outlier trousers and gumboots!
Keeping legs and feet comfortable in wet weather makes everything easier.

They repel everything, dry quickly and look great. Gumboots have become fashionable. A Lululemon cycling rain coat whose hood fits over my helmet.

veloaporter cycling with kids cycling in the rain
Stylishly keeping dry!

veloaporter cycling in the rain cycling with kids
The raincoat length is great for keeping the bottom half of me dry when I sit on the wet saddle.

Two pairs of gloves. One to wear and the other to keep dry in my pockets for the ride home.  Because of the heavy downpour, I decided to wear my bushwalking rain pants.

veloaporter cycling in the rain cycling with kids
I don’t think these rain pants ever imagined being used on a bicycle.

At home yesterday, my wardrobe and I bid “see you soon” to the Spring/Summer collection and replaced it with the Autumn/Winter collection. I’m wearing a merino wool turtleneck (skivvy – in Australian English) and a puffer vest. At a master class for hair at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia on Sunday, I learned how to make a fake bob by tying it back and tucking it under itself. It stays dryer under my helmet that way.

veloaporter cycling in the rain cycling with kids
Yakkay rain cover works and it’s puffer vest season again!

We all dressed carefully. The kids would be sitting in the Nihola in their rain coats under the rain cover to keep them dry but I would be totally exposed to the elements. I discussed using a GoGet car for the drop-off with Justin but we quickly dismissed this idea as the traffic would be snarled.

The kids sat in the Nihola and we departed.

veloaporter cycling with kids cycling in the rain
Ofelia and Julius negotiate for space inside the cabin.

All went well.

veloaporter cycling with kids cycling in the rain
Sharing the space. Such a fundamental concept that bicyclists and motorists need to remember.

It was very wet.

The interior of the Nihola is warm and dry, quite snug in fact.
The interior of the Nihola is warm and dry, quite snug in fact.

The traffic was snarled.

The school drop-off at the boys private school not far from daycare.
The school drop-off at the boys private school not far from daycare at 8:20am.

I stayed warm and dry under my raincoat. I applied a little more make-up today in hopes of keeping some of it on my face.



I went returned home and hung up my jacket and rain pants in the shower to dry. I wiped up the rainwater from the floor with a paper towel and started my day.

Today’s ensemble: Veronika Maine skivvy, RM Williams puffer vest, Outlier trousers, wool socks, Sloggers gumboots, Yakkay helmet with rain cover, Kathmandu rain pants, Lovisa earrings, Cartier Santos, Lululemon raincoat, Nihola tricycle. Yesterday’s ensemble: ASOS striped shirt, Macys statement necklace, Outlier pants.

On Ofelia: School uniform and shoes, North Face rain jacket, Nutcase helmet.

On Julius: North Face rain jacket, Baby Gap trousers and t-shirt, Ralph Lauren jumper, Nutcase helmet, Country Road gumboots.

On Justin: Brooks Brothers rain coat, Austen Brothers shirt, Outlier pants, Speedvagen pit boots, Kathmandu rain pants, Yuba Mundo bicycle with e-assist.

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah


  1. Yes it was wet, so glad to see it has stopped. Now it is time to dry out. So great you can keep it going even during a stormy week!


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