I was BeWitchery’d

I was with Julius last Friday on the Nihola. After his swimming lesson, we dropped off some shoes to be fixed in the Strand Arcade and we stopped at the Witchery.  Their White Shirt campaign to raise funds for ovarian cancer has been quite eye-catching. The campaign compelled me to stop by. My last visit at Witchery was five years ago. On that last visit, I found the style aesthetic to be somewhere between Seed and Country Road. I didn’t find the quality of the clothes to be worth the price. When I stepped into the shop on Pitt Street Mall, I was completely blown away! Why? The clothes were fashion-forward and quality had improved.

I was also excited to view the current collection on a television screen while in the shop. I noticed a pair of long white wide-legged trousers. I was entranced by the motion of the trousers as the model walked past. I asked a sales assistant where they might be.  We found them and I was in thrall. Two armloads of clothes later, I was in the dressing room with Julius.

Julius amused himself with the stool in the dressing room which kept tipping over. In the end, I gave him my notebook and a pen and he drew while on the floor. So accommodating!

veloaporter shopping with kids cycling with kids
I’m not sure if I would have been such a patient four year old.

First up were those white deep pleat trousers.  Palazzo pants or culottes as they are commonly called have returned from the 90’s.  I remember my first pair which were black with red and white flowers. I wore them with a white cotton t-shirt at university. However, these were fierce!  Paired with a navy cropped top to show the high waist and to give me an even longer line, there was no escape. I planned to wear these with my platform wedges and to use a trouser clip to keep them clean while cycling.

Julius wanted to have a look in the mirror too.
Julius wanted to have a look in the mirror too.

Next I tried the dark denim trench coat. Denim is coming back full force this season. The lines of the coat were great.  The fabric hung properly and the tie was cute. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of this type of belted trench coat. I’m not sure if the shape flatters me. Also, I didn’t think the soft denim would be warm enough when true winter comes to Sydney, especially on the bicycle.  I put it to the side.

veloaporter cycling in a skirt cycling in a dress stylish cycling
My expression says it all.

Last up was a striped ponte dress.  It fit like a glove and the horizontal stripes were very subtle. It was definitely coming home with me. While in the change room, I saw a patchwork cape made of fake fur.  It was calling me. “Sarah!  Look over here!”

veloaporter cycling in a skirt cycling in heels cycling with kids stylish cycling
This combination works!

Of course, I couldn’t resist and thought it might work on top of the dress. It has a pleather tie which drew more attention to my waist and kept it secure. It was a super fun item that I would have loved to have purchased.  One of the ladies in the dressing room commented on how good it looked. But at $399.95, I thought of my children’s education and put it back. I have seen something similar at Zara for a third of the price. But not before Julius wanted to try it on!  He called it “the fluffy.” Absolutely!

veloaporter cycling with style cycling with kids cycling in a dress cycling in a skirt cycling in heels
Keeping it fun and real with my son Julius!

The sunglasses looked divine. Julius helped me to choose a pair.

veloaporter cycling with style
I love how the colour of the sunglasses works with my complexion.

So cool! And makeup? Yes!  A tube of lipgloss in a dark plum. Another throwback to the 90’s.

Then we heard from Justin.  He was having yum cha for lunch with our good friend B. Would we like to come along?  “Yes!” I said.  And we were off. While we were waiting at the lights.  I saw a man taking a photo of me with Julius in the tricycle. While I ask many people to take photos of me for this blog, I don’t like it when they take photos of me and the kids without asking. I gave him my best death stare.

#sydneystorms velaporter cycling in heels cycling with kids cycling in a skirt cycling with style
The Death Stare. Forceful.

It looks intimidating even to me. In the end, I went over to him and gave him my card. He apologised immediately and said a bit defensively that it was a great photo.  He was English after all. I said that it was ok.  I suggested that he look at my blog.  There would be more photos there. In the end, he contacted me and sent me the cover photo for today’s blog.  Thanks Gary!

At dinner with the kids, I thought about my shopping expedition at Witchery. I saw many women who were my age or older. I wasn’t sure if they would be happy with the fashionable direction that Witchery has taken. They were all dressed conservatively and/or casually. And for these price points, you have to love the clothing. I think they are aiming for a different customer to the Witchery-of-old. Country Road’s acquisition of Witchery seems to bode well for it from a style perspective.

veloaporter cycling with style cycling with kids cycling in a skirt cycling in heels
Thinking about what else I could have purchased today while the kids have dinner. Too full of yum cha from lunch to eat dinner.

I still believe that shopping in Australia is expensive. Shopping in in the U.S. is an out-of-body experience with high competition resulting in a greater choice of affordable clothing. Fortunately, when style calls me in combination with cycling, it forces me to choose and spend wisely.

Today’s ensemble: Regina Garde top, ASOS skirt, Burberry rain cape, J.Crew booties, second-hand earrings, Yakkay helmet with rain cover, Linus Sac, Nihola tricycle.

On Julius: H&M top, The Children’s Place cords, North Face rain jacket. Pablosky sandals, Nutcase helmet.

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah

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