Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You…

After my recent foray into Witchery, I saw this photo from Twitter. The look celebrates the retro 70’s. It was my inspiration for todays outfit.  I even rescued a shirt from the “to be donated” pile.

veloaporter cycling with style cycling in a skirt
Source: Witchery Fashion Autumn/Winter 2015

As it was Friday, Julius and I went to his swimming lesson and then to Pitt Street Mall to pick up our mended shoes.

veloaporter cycling with kids cycling in a skirt cycling with style
On our way to swimming lessons. I hold the bags. Julius opens the automatic door.

However, today was the Friday before Anzac Day. Anzac Day, which was the 25th of April, is the national day of Remembrance for Australia and New Zealand. The day commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who have served in the armed forces.  It also honours the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. (Wikipedia)

Julius saw soldiers on the mall who were selling pins to commemorate the day. He decided that he wanted one. We approached the soldiers and Julius became shy before the uniformed men. He clung to me.  One of the soldiers knelt down so Julius could have a look at the different pins. He pointed to the army hat pin because he recognised the shape of the soldiers’ hats. I affixed the pin to Julius’ shirt. We took a picture together with the soldiers. I thanked them for the photo and we went to meet Justin for lunch.

The handsome Australian Army soldiers from Paddington Barracks on Pitt Street Mall.

Because I am culturally American, John F. Kennedy’s famous quote popped into my head as I pedalled to my husband Justin’s office, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”   When Kennedy uttered this phrase in 1961, it was a different time. The US was enjoying its post-war economic prosperity. The Cold War was at its height. Political, social, cultural change was in the air.

Where are we now fifty-four years later? We have experienced the rise of social media, the internet and consumerism; another commodities boom (and its subsequent decline); the rampant focus on the individual; the internal power struggles of government; the lack of innovation and true leadership to lead our country and others into the next century; fierce bipartisanship. Are things better? Yes and no.

veloaporter cycling in a skirt cycling with style cycling in boots
My son the photographer’s excellent skills in capturing my outfit for today.

I have an enormous amount of respect for those who have served.  When my children ask me about soldiers and what they do, I always tell them that they fight for freedom. Because of their contribution to society, we are free to think, read, and express ourselves as we see fit. 

veloaporter cycling in a skirt cycling with style
Lunch soon.

In the past, Justin and I have considered living in other financial centres for work.  We have always ruled out Hong Kong and Singapore, simply because we would not be free as we are here in Australia.  The governments are not democratically elected. And if we should decide to express our unhappiness with the government, would we be free to do so, safely? 

But are we free here in Australia? Or are we immobilised by our desire to acquire and to consume? Would it be possible for us to think beyond ourselves to try to improve society, no matter how small the contribution?

Maybe, cycle?

Today’s ensemble: Zara jacket, top and leather skirt, Geox boots, Yakkay helmet, Linus Eleanor bag, Nihola tricycle.

Happy Cycling!

x Sarah

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  1. Ah yes, any excuse to rescue something from the ‘to-be-donated’ pile…

    Nice post! (PS – ANZAC Day is April 25… 🙂


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