Cargo Bike Confer

When my husband and I purchased our cargo tricycle direct from Nihola in Denmark in 2011, we never imagined how it would change our lives. One evening, after dinner and both kids were asleep, I asked him if he thought we would have to purchase a car.  Our second child had arrived and I was dreading the divergent drop-offs that we would have to make for a few years. One child would be going to childcare and the other to school.

My husband mentioned seeing an article in the New York Times about Mexican cargo bikes. Consequently, after I read the article, I ended up researching cargo bikes feverishly for a few weeks on the internet. I was struck by a video on YouTube of a woman pedaling a Nihola with kids in the front cabin and one in the back.  She was going pretty fast and it seemed like the kids were enjoying it as well.

It’s 2016 now and we still don’t own a car. Instead, we own nearly 20 bicycles in our family, two of them cargo bikes. The other cargo bike is a Yuba Mundo which my husband refers to as “the stationwagon.”  Many people have asked me how we use them.

Please enjoy the first of a series on bicycles that I’m launching this year.  This podcast is called “Cargo Bike Confer.”

Happy Bicycling!

X Sarah


  1. Finally got around to watching/listening – great advocacy work, Sarah! Cargo Bikes 101, as delivered by an Average Rider. 🙂 As I’m considering e-assist at the moment (though not on a cargo bike), some of this was really useful.

    When you do such presentations in future, can we find out in advance when they’re on ‘live’ so we can join in with questions? (I did enjoy listening to others’ answers, though.)


    1. Hi Michelle, glad you enjoyed! I started the marketing for it a week beforehand on Twitter, FB and Instagram. I’m sorry that you missed it live. How goes your new commute?


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