Cargo Bike Grocery Shopping

My son Julius and I have been grocery shopping together for many years.  Before he started school, we used to have Fridays at home together. He called them “Oma-stay-home-days.” (Oma is mummy in Korean.) Now that he has started school, we no longer have Fridays together. We both miss them. But we still go grocery shopping together when we can.

I always go by bicycle because there is no parking in Surry Hills and we don’t have a car. A few weeks ago, Sydney and most of New South Wales, was engulfed in a giant storm. It was Sunday. The fridge was nearly empty.  Consequently, we went shopping in the rain. It’s a bit of an adventure and we keep one another company.

The good thing about going in the Nihola cargo bike is that we can park very close to the shops (and usually under cover). It’s also a great way to get out of the house and to get some exercise. Also, I take the opportunity to teach my son about food and the variety of fruits and vegetables available. He also seems to understand the value of preparation and the steps involved to complete a task.

Having grown up in Minnesota, I also see the rain as a minor impediment. A blizzard with below freezing temperatures is a barrier to leaving the house. The rain is not. Mostly though, I enjoy the time with my son. With his ever expanding vocabulary and sunny personality, our time together is always fun.

Happy Bicycling!

X Sarah


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