Comparisons are Inevitable


Comparisons are inevitable. It is a function of being human. As parents, we see differences and similarities in our children. Then, we compare them to other people’s children. As colleagues, we compare experiences, performance, compensation – even when we’re not supposed to. As people, we compare previous partners, clothes, houses, everything. It is part of being human. It’s also part of our decision-making process. Fortunately in this country, we have the luxury of choice.

Since my eZee Sprint was stolen a few weeks ago, I think about her a lot. I miss her. It seems silly to ascribe human characteristics to her but I hope that she isn’t too lonely or scared.

Happy days on the EZee Sprint two years ago on a photo shoot with Bob Hughes. Princess Polly dress, Geox heels, Bulgari sunglasses, Linus Eleanor bag.

I think Matt put it best when he wrote in response to my blog “Being Human”.

“I hope you get your bike back. I understand how you feel like you lost part of your life, it hurts… I had my garage cased out by some organised thieves in May last year and they came around to steal not one, but five of my awesome custom road bikes! It feels horrible and you just keep wondering where they are, the bikes become your friends after so many fantastic adventures together.

I have built more special bikes since then and moved on to some extent, but I always have a quiet thought for my lost bikes, sometimes out in Kur-in-gai National Park where we had good times watching the dawn spreading over the trees and water.

I’ve never had any leads on my bikes unfortunately. You have got something to go on for now so I’m wishing you luck, it will be a great day when or if you get your beautiful machine back!

Ride on.”

Riding home from Kingsford on the new EZee Sprint. Zara jumpsuit, Geox heels, J.Crew necklace, Tom Ford sunglasses, Yakkay helmet.

In my Sprint’s absence and as it’s a long hot summer here in Sydney, I wanted to take the opportunity to review a few e-bikes. An e-bike makes it possible to wear clothing suitable for the office during your commute and to go straight to your desk after locking up. I also wanted to give the NSW Police some time to find my e-bike. They continue to be hopeful and positive that they will recover it for me.

It’s a great idea to double lock an ebike to itself with its rear wheel immobiliser. And also to a secure post. I didn’t perform the second step and as a result, mine was stolen in late January.

The first thing that struck me about the second generation EZee Sprint is its weight. It’s significantly lighter than the first generation Sprint. As a consequence, I noticed quicker acceleration. Despite upgrading my own Sprint to the generation two motor, I noticed the difference in responsiveness. Consequently, while commuting to the city or to the inner-west, I typically kept the new Sprint’s power at three (of five) blue dots. If I were running late, using full power made it a very quick commute. Typically on my own Sprint, I have kept the power at four dots for regular commuting.

The Sprint has a hub motor in the front wheel. it also has a throttle in the left grip and pedal-assist which complement one another for a great ride.

Recently, there has been some debate about the virtues of pedelec, also known as pedal-assist, versus throttle e-bikes. I find that both are useful in the way that radio, TV and internet complement one another. Using a throttle on a hill start with a cargo bike full of kids and groceries is especially useful when busy mum has forgotten to downshift to a lower gear. Also, a throttle can bridge the gap between the initial down-pedal and motor engagement. Pedal-assist is great for long stretches of commute and some motors kick in faster than others in the initial down-stroke. Mid-drive motors (which are placed in the area around the pedals) often have more power than hub motors (which are placed in the front wheel) and this can be useful for long commutes.

The EZee Sprint is great value for an ebike with excellent components to help you with your commute, shopping, transporting children.

The larger  battery and power gauge of the new Sprint is also useful.  I liked the improved kickstand. Again, the lighter weight made it easier to tuck the kickstand away.

One detail that took some getting used to was the gear shift which is opposite to the standard. Otherwise, a very similar and comfortable upright position makes longer commutes just as comfortable as shorter ones. Great mudguards to protect from the wet weather, hydraulic disc and roller brakes and handy back rack made carrying items simple.

It’s easier to get started on the new EZee Sprint with its lighter weight. Wearing one of my favourite dresses this summer on a less humid day.

Recently, Senior Constable New sent me a message where my ability to compare one Sprint to another was put to the test. He contacted me weeks ago as he had seen my Sprint in Newtown but was too far away to have made chase.

He sent me two photos and asked if it was my e-bike. My heart leapt into my throat as I looked at the photos. The power and battery gauge were the same. But this Sprint had only three gears shift and certainly the orange accents of my beloved Sprint were missing. The 19ah battery and the rear mudguard of my Sprint are both black. My mind so very much wanted this e-bike to be my own. So much so that it took me a few minutes to dismiss it.

Very similar…
…and required more than a few minutes of examination.
But in the end it wasn’t mine. This is my eZee Sprint.

Later, I went to Marrickville Police Station to meet Constable Valente who took down a statement as well as a full description of my e-bike. I had already sent him photos and the last blog. As we spoke for about 30 minutes, I noticed a shelving unit full of soft toys and children’s books behind him. My report of a stolen bicycle was relatively benign despite the loss of my primary form of transport. No doubt that room would have witnessed more sinister incidents that would require that young children be occupied in other pursuits. I hope that the police find my bike soon. But in the meantime, I will have other means and adventures which I hope you will enjoy.


If you’re interested in test riding an EZee Sprint, please consider riding one in Gear Up Girl. I’ll be leading a group “Style with Vélo-à-Porter” as part of the event. Bicycle with great weekend style on a free-for-hire Sprint. Contact Glow Worm Bicycles to reserve yours now or ride your own 12 March 2017. We’ll also be celebrating International Women’s Day. Help us set a world’s record for the largest women’s community bike ride.

Use the code: GUGSTYLE17 for a 10% discount on admission to ride with me on the day. Also included will be VIP tent access at the finish. Please use VIPGUG17 for free access.


Happy Bicycling!

X Sarah

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