Who Takes Your Cycleways? Social Inclusion: Velo-Cities 2017

Veloaporter Convergence
Who bicycles on your cities roads and cycleways?
Is it mostly white men in lycra? Or is it a melange of men and women of different ethnicities and income-levels who are enjoying the economic benefits of using a bicycle instead of struggling with a car/public transport or a very long and expensive commute.
Where is your city in that spectrum?
If you’re interested in exploring how to encourage a more diverse mix of people to bicycle, come and meet the first Bicycle Mayor of Sydney, Sarah Imm who is also the founder of the lifestyle brand Velo-a-Porter, based in Sydney, Australia.

Kristof side front, misty morning eating chocolate

Kristof Allegaert, Belgian ultra-endurance racer, three time winner of the Transcontinental Race 2013, 2014, 2016; Leader of the cancelled Indian Pacific Wheel Race 2017; Winner of the Red Bull Trans Siberian Extreme

Incentive and E-bikes Justin Sophie

My husband Justin after finishing a CX race in Sydney.

IMG_8608 SXR – Sydney Night/Food/Art Rides  Ride to Parramasala – November 2016IMG_8611

SXR – Sydney Night/Food/Art Rides  Ride to Parramasala – November 2016

Finish Veloaporter Gear Up Girl

Gear Up Girl 2017, Team Velo-a-Porter completed the 40km ride on e-bikes.


With Margaret Zhang, Shine By Three fashion blogger and consultant, Winter 2015.

Screenshot 2017-06-12 22.08.47

Sydney Cycling Sisters. Muslim women who bicycle featured on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Television

Veloaporter Convergence

La Convergence Francilienne organised by Mieux se Deplacer a Bicyclette, Paris 6 June 2017.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 15:30-16:30 at Velo-Cities, Nijmegen.

Happy Bicycling!

x Sarah

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