How to Avoid Exercise


When my son was younger, we could fit all of these groceries and him in to the cabin of the Nihola cargo tricycle.

Do you enjoy your weekly grocery shop?

During the summer holidays, I resumed shopping for groceries. My husband Justin usually shops for us on Saturdays while the kids are at sport. I found that I still enjoy it. Why?

Inevitably, it would start to rain.

It commences our weekly family obsession of “What-to-eat-for-the-week?” My son usually tags along. For him, it reminds of what we used to do when we had “엄마 (Oma – Mummy in Korean) Stay Home Days” on Fridays when he was in childcare. Sometimes my daughter will come along. Two years ago, they became too big to be able to ride in the grocery-full-cabin of our Nihola cargo bike. I caused a minor rebellion because I asked them to walk. Since then, they willingly walk home and sometimes they even run.   

Just before Christmas, we found presents for my husband Justin at Aldi. The kids walked home.

We usually cut through the park which ironically contains more dogs than children. At home, they help me unload the groceries from the cargo bike to the lift. I’ll park and lock in the garage. Then we all take the lift to our floor and carry the bags to our apartment.

Another bicycle to add to our family in addition to the Christmas shopping. Buried in here is a leg of ham and other delicious things to eat for our Christmas dinner.

While this process may seem arduous to some, I find that it’s a sneaky way to add exercise to my day (and my children’s). It helps to keep me fit and able to continue wearing my extensive clothing collection.

When they were both small, they could fit in the cabin. We were on our way to my daughter’s violin lessons.

However, have you noticed how society has created means to avoid exercise or exertion at all costs?

In the past few years, I have become more aware of these forces.    One obvious means of avoiding exercise is by owning a car. The second is living in the suburbs which relies on the first.

How we used to grocery shop when the kids were a little bigger.

My husband Justin and I made a choice to stay in the inner-city years ago. We hate commuting and are content with our small two-bedroom apartment.  We have found that bicycling and walking in the inner-city helps to keep us both active and engaged. But opportunities exist everywhere to avoid using our bodies for mobility.

Not long after this, I started making the kids walk home.

A few weeks ago, my children and I finished grocery shopping. There are four steps up to street level where the Nihola is usually parked. We had eight bags of weekly shopping to load into cargo bike. I had parked the cargo bike far enough away to allow someone to use the handicapped lift with ease.

This is an accessibility lift for people who need it. It’s not for making things more “convenient” for me.

While loading the cargo bike, two different men offered to start the handicapped lift for me to raise the shopping trolley to street level.  I declined both times. To the second man, I explained that it was good exercise loading groceries into the Nihola. He gave me a confused look. But it seems logical to me. Use your body to do the work that needs to be done to live well and leave the handicapped lift for those who truly need it.

Happy Bicycling!

X Sarah

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  1. Hi Sarah – great to see you blogging again! And it’s good to read someone else’s take on quaxing – I personally love the challenge of seeing exactly what (and how much) I can carry on my bike. Cheers – Michelle 🙂

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