Can you put a bike chain on backwards?

Can a bike chain go either way?

Which Bike Chains Are Directional? The majority of bicycle chains are non-directional. This means for most of these chains, you can install them any way you want.

Why are Shimano chains directional?

Each of the four plates, inner and outer, are shaped differently to act in a certain way relative to their position with the front chain rings or rear cogs as you shift up or down through the gear range. This means that the HG-X chain is directional.

What is directional chain?

The directional chains are designed so that the outer plates are optimised for chain ring shifts, and the inner plates are optimised for cassette shifts, so the difference between a directional and non directional chain is the different designs of the inner and outer plates.

Which side of Shimano chain faces out?

4) Shimano 10sp chains are asymmetrical, and should be installed so the chain writing faces outwards towards you as you install the chain. It doesn’t matter which way up or down the writing faces (if you look along the chain you will see it changes anyway).

Does it matter which way a SRAM chain goes?

While SRAM’s chains are not directional, THE SRAM QUICKLINK IS DIRECTIONAL. If you look closely you will see an arrow engraved into the face of the quick link. This arrow should put in the direction the chain is moving. Make sure to get this arrow pointing the right way to avoid any chain skipping.

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Does a Shimano chain have a direction?

[2]. In order to achieve good gear shifting performance, these have a forward side and a reverse side and must be fitted in the correct orientation. Front (outer side) The side with the mark shown in the illustration is the front (outer side).

Are Shimano 11 speed chains directional?

As long as the marks are outward and the unmarked side is inwards, you’re all good, they’ll only be upside down above or below the chain ring. Thanks for the quick response.

Is Shimano 12 speed chain directional?

Conveniently, the tool is included with the crankset. Another new feature is the “Narrow-Wide” tooth profile, which is designed to improve chain retention. The new 12-speed chain is directional… …but it finally comes with a quick link – Thanks, Shimano!