Question: Can you rent electric bikes on Mackinac Island?

Are electric bikes allowed on Mackinac Island?

E-bikes are not allowed on Mackinac Island. But there is an exception: Visitors with a qualifying “mobility disability” may operate Class 1 electric bicycles on Mackinac Island.

Do they allow electric scooters on Mackinac Island?

Both Star Line Mackinac Island Hydro-Jet Ferry and Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry are wheelchair and scooter accessible ferries. There is no charge to bring an electric scooter, power wheelchair, or manual wheelchair from the mainland to Mackinac Island.

Are electric golf carts allowed on Mackinac Island?

Can we rent golf carts to get around on the Island? No, golf carts are only permitted on the golf courses.

Are electric vehicles allowed on Mackinac?

The absence of motor vehicles in Mackinac Island State Park is uniquely effective in retaining the historic character of this National Historic Landmark. State law currently forbids the use of e-bikes within Mackinac Island State Park and the City of Mackinac Island without authorization from those respective entities.

How much does it cost to take a bike to Mackinac Island?

You can take your own bike on the ferry for under $15 or rent a bicycle from one of several vendors on Mackinac Island. Rates are available by the hour (about $10), half-day (about $40), full day (about $60) or for 24 hours (about $75).

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Are electric bike legal in Michigan?

You can ride all three classes of e-bike on any roads where a non-electric bicycle can be ridden. An individual may operate an e-bike on any part of a highway that is open to a bicycle, including, but not limited to, a lane designated for the exclusive use of bicycles on the shoulder.

Can you take bikes on Mackinac Island?

Can I take my bike to the island? You can bring your own bike to Mackinac Island. The ferryboats charge $13.00 for each bike you bring.

Can you ride Vespas on Mackinac Island?

There are no vespas on Mackinac Island!

Can you have a golf cart on Mackinac Island?

In addition to emergency vehicles, the golf courses on Mackinac Island allow golf carts. And many of Mackinac Island’s year-round residents use snowmobiles to get around in the winter.

How does Mackinac Island get electricity?

Island electricity is provided by Cloverland Electric Cooperative and maintained by island-based line foreman, Don Smith and lineman, Mark Guisinger. While Mackinac Island is a beautiful place to live and work, performing linework on an island with no motor vehicles is a unique, sometimes challenging task.

Can you drink on Mackinac Island?

Although it’s smaller than four square-miles – and even most of that is a state park – Mackinac Island has 27 bars, restaurants and places to stay with liquor licenses. No wonder Mackinac Island has more liquor sales per capita than any other county in Michigan.

Is smoking allowed on Mackinac Island?


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