What thread are MTB pedals?

What thread size are MTB pedals?

Therefore you can relax knowing that when you buy a modern style bike, whether it’s a mountain bike, hybrid or a road bike, you will find that it takes a 9/16 20 TPI thread pedal.

Are my pedals 9/16 or 1 2?

If the cranks are THREE PIECES, meaning two crank arms bolted to a spindle, it will be 9/16 thread on the pedals. If the crank is ONE piece through a large bottom bracket housing, it’s 1/2 thread.

Are all MTB pedals the same thread?

9/16” x 20 tpi (14.28 x 1.27 mm)

Almost all modern adult bikes have the 9/16” pedal with 20 threads per inch (tpi). This thread size is what you will find on all the big brand mountain bikes and road bikes such as, Trek, Specialized, Giant, and any other big brand out there.

How do I know what thread size my pedals are?

Check the Cranks on the Bike

Manufacturers made it easy to put the sizing on the crank, knowing that people would look for their pedal size. If your cranks are made up of three separate sections, two separate crank arms, and the spindle that goes through the frame, your pedals will be size 9/16″ x 20 TPI.

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What thread size are bicycle pedals?

Bicycle pedals are commonly a 9/16″ x 20 threads per inch. The inside diameter of the internal thread (the “nut”) must be smaller. Measured in millimeters, the OD of the pedal is typically 14.2mm. For cranks the internal thread is nominally 13mm.

Are bicycle pedal threads universal?

To simply answer: No, bike pedals are not universal. Not only visually or for their different purposes for various cycling disciplines, but also internally. Bicycle pedals mainly have two sizes: 9/16” and ½”. The 9/16” is the more standard version of pedals and covers almost all subtypes.

Are MTB pedals 9 16?

All bikes over about $400 will typically come with 9/16” pedals on a 2 or 3 piece crank. So, if your crank doesn’t look like the one in the picture above, your safe knowing that it will take a 9/16” pedal.

What thread are Shimano pedals?

So, you need a 9/16″ pedal. Remember to grease the threads before installing the pedal and the left side pedal is counter-threaded (tightens counter clockwise) while the right side pedal is threaded normally (tightens clockwise).

Are mountain bike pedals reverse thread?

Remember, the left pedal spindle is reverse threaded. Turn it clockwise to remove the pedal when facing the crank arm. The right side is normal, so turn it anti-clockwise to loosen it.

Are MTB cranksets universal?

Chainset choice is determined not only by the type of bike you are riding – BMX, MTB and road chainsets are not interchangeable – but also by the type of riding you prefer.

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Why do pedals have different threads?

I read the question and your response regarding why left and right pedal threads are the opposite of what one might, at first glance, expect. The reason for this is due to the effects of precession, where one round object rolling inside another will turn in the opposite direction due to the clearance between the two.