Why do road bikes have drop handlebars?

What is the point of drop handlebars?

Drop bars allow you to crouch down and reduce drag. This position can greatly increase your speed and efficiency. This comes in handy when you’re descending a hill, riding a long flat section, or riding into the wind.

Why do road bikes have weird handlebars?

The handlebars of a road bike are curved to allow for different hand positions, which can help on long rides. The rider will have more control when shifting their hands and body weight, so they don’t get sore, wrists, hands and lower back. Additionally, being aerodynamic also improves with speed.

Why are road bike handlebars so low?

Bike handlebars are low because the design allows you to lean forward. This is called an aerodynamic position and will make you much more efficient when you ride your bike. The fact that your arms and legs have the least amount of wind resistance in this position explains why it is so effective.

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Why do touring bikes have drop handlebars?

There’s an aero advantage to fitting drop bars to your bike. In the hoods or drops you can tuck your elbows in and reduce your body’s frontal area. Given you don’t move that fast on a touring bike, this feature is most useful for whenever you’re riding into headwinds.

Can you get a road bike with straight handlebars?

Flat-bar road bikes are the opposite of go-anywhere multi-use hybrids. They’re designed, like their drop-bar cousins, to be quick and efficient on roads only.

Are Drop bars good for commuting?

Drop bar is best suited for long distance commuters who have long straight stretches on their way to work where they can feel the advantage of being in a more aero position and want to avail of several hand positions. A commuter bike with drop bars doesn’t necessarily have to be a road bike.

Do drop bars hurt your back?

Neck and upper back pain is most often caused and exacerbated by riding position and technique, explains elite cycling trainer Andy Wadsworth. Riding in drop handlebars for long periods will not only increase the load on the arm and shoulders, it will also hyperextend the neck.

What does a drop bar mean?

Definition of drop bar

1 : a bar or roller that guides a sheet into a printing press or folding machine. — called also drop roller. 2 : any of the vertical bars in a suspension bridge connecting the roadway and the chain or cable.

How much handlebar drop is too much?

negative 2 inches to 8 inches or more. Depends on your flexibility, body type, riding style, etc. Often drops as a rider gains experience, fitness, flexibility. Do what’s comfortable for you.

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How low should your drop bars be?


As a starting position, bars drop should be a few cm at most, or even level with the saddle height. For riders who aren’t super-fit or competitive: if you can’t comfortably ride in the drops, it can be a good idea to set the top of the bars a few inches above the saddle height.

How much should I drop on a road bike?

While some pros run very extreme handlebar drop; the typical range for road bikes is 10–15cm measured from a horizontal line at the saddle height dropped down to the handlebar.

Why do gravel bikes use drop bars?

Drop bars offer an undeniable aerodynamic advantage over flat bars by allowing the rider to be in a position with a reduced “frontal area” less aerodynamic drag. For riders who are able to maintain faster average speeds such as in racing (>15mph), the aerodynamic advantage of drop bars is significant.

Is it okay to put drop bars on a mountain bike?

Yes, drops can be slapped on any mountain bike, but they shouldn’t. For instance, most MTBs have a geometry with a much longer reach, and generally don’t fit as well with drop bars.