Your question: What are the best aero bars for a road bike?

Should I put aero bars on a road bike?

The answer is yes. On the bike leg of the triathlon, increasing your speed is all about reducing aerodynamic drag. And while there are dozens of small improvements you can make to your components and gear, the investment that gives the greatest returns is adding a good pair bicycle aero bars.

Do aero bars make a difference?

Yes, typically you will obtain an improvement in speed by adding clip-on aero bars to your bike. How much extra speed is dependent on many variables though (mostly how it changes your aerodynamics) but a couple of km/h faster is certainly possible.

Why don t pro cyclists use aero bars?

Aerobars can be considered less safe for a few reasons: mostly because your hands are not on the brakes while riding in the aerobars. It also takes more practice and skill to maintain a straight line in the aerobars (especially in cross winds) due to how close your arms are together.

How much do aero bars increase speed?

If you live in a hilly area, you may see little benefit. In a flat area, you should get around a mile per hour. If the aero bars have dimples, you can expect about a 10mph gain.

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How many watts do aero bars save?

in the aero bars). That’s 60 watts accounted for in savings. The July tests showed 70 watts, but the wheels were also changed in that one so we can guesstimate that HED 3 Trispokes will save an extra 10 watts over Hed Bastogne wheels.

Wind tunnel data.

Cost $/watts saved at 40km/h
Aero wheels $600-$8000 $60-800

What type of aero bars should I buy?

The best aero bars for triathlons and time trialling

  • Deda. Elementi Parabolica 2 clip-on aero bars.
  • Profile. Design Sonic Ergo 35 clip-on aero bars.
  • Zipp. Vuka carbon evo clip on bars.
  • Profile. Design Aeria Evo bars.
  • PRO. Missile Evo Carbon aero bar.
  • Vision. Metron TFA aero bars.

How much faster will a tri bike make me?

In general you will see a 1.5 mph – 2 mph boost in speed between a TT and a road bike… assuming the rider is using regular shorts, jersey and helmet along with no aero wheels. Most of that is due to the differing rider position (i.e. more aero).

Do you put tape on aero bars?

But instead of being wrapping with padded bar tape, like a normal bar, aero road bars are designed to be used with bare tops. While slippery in the wind, the bare tops can also be slippery in the hands. Many pro racers just tape them normally.

How long should aero bars be?

Historically, that meant choosing a long crank length – between 175mm and 180mm – to really push the power. However, there’s a school of thought that a shorter crank length – 170mm to 172.5mm – is more suitable for many so that they’re not tucked up too much when the pedal’s at the top of the stroke.

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Are aero bars worth the weight?

Most aero bars are made of lightweight carbon fiber and/or aluminum material, but the added componentry can also add weight. If you are able to go faster with the aero bars then they’re worth the weight on your bike.

Are aero bars comfortable?

They’re easily recognized, and very comfortable. On a road bike, aero bars look like a horizontal fork, mounted to the top of drop bars. The prone, forward-leaning position puts your body in an aerodynamic posture, lowering your wind resistance.

Is a triathlon bike faster than a road bike?

It’s generally known that triathlon bikes have aerodynamic and geometric advantages that make them faster than road bikes. With all variables remaining equal over the bike leg of a triathlon, the tri bike wins in speed.

What is Aerobar?

Definition of aerobar

: a set of bicycle handlebars or handlebar extensions that are designed to put a rider’s body in a low, aerodynamic position Once you get an aerobar, you’ll be addicted to it.

Do pros use aero bikes?

World Tour pros aren’t the only riders who benefit from improved aerodynamics. Your average rider can still gain valuable speed and time. I spoke to aero expert Mio Suzuki, Senior R&D Engineer leading aerodynamics at Specialized, who explained the testing she’s done with riders of different levels.