Are both the Hairy Bikers married?

Is Simon King still married?

Sunday Brunch: Si King apologises after swearing

He was with his wife Jane for 27 years but revealed their relationship is now “in pieces” after the pressures of fame took its toll on their marriage. The 54-year-old revealed the pair “lost each other” as they focused on different priorities in their life.

Who are the Hairy Bikers married to?

In a 2019 interview with The Mirror, Si further revealed: “We get married in 2021 and I’ll be commuting from Australia for work, so that’ll be interesting. It’s been a long-distance relationship for a very long time now so we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.”

Where does Dave from hairy bikers live?

Dave lives with his wife and step-children in Barrow-in-Furness and is a past Club Champion of the Boat Club on Roa Island in Morecambe Bay.

How rich are The Hairy Bikers?

The same website puts Si’s net worth at a bonkers $400 million (£291 million) but we suspect that might be a bit generous, even if Si’s father was a former Royal Navy officer. All Famous Birthdays estimates he’s worth about $1.5 million (£1 million), which feels a bit more realistic.

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Is Dave Myers still married?

Dave Myers is married to his longtime girlfriend, Liliana Orzac and they are living happily together.

Has Dave Myers been married before?

Together, Myers and King have presented a number of television cookery series for the BBC.

Dave Myers (presenter)

Dave Myers
Born David James Myers 8 September 1957 Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England
Years active 1984–present
Spouse(s) Liliana Orzac ​ ( m. 2011)​
Children 2 (step children)

Is Dave Myers hairy biker married?

Dave has been married to wife Liliana Orzac since 2011 after he’d met her filming for The Hairy Bikers in Romania. “I met Lili, my wife, while we were filming The Hairy Bikers in Romania. She was the manager of the hotel where we stayed..” The Hairy Bikers Go North airs on BBC Two at 7pm.

Is Dave Myers a trained chef?

According to The Hairy Bikers website, the pair are “Big-hearted, down-to-earth cooks with a love of good food, they have been cooking together for more than twenty years. “ Therefore, it’s unlikely that Dave and Si are professionally trained chefs but are best described as experienced cooks.

Where is Simon King now?

I was captivated by the sense of wilderness and isolation on the island. Simon is President of the Kenneth Allsop Memorial Trust that owns and manages Steep Holm Island in the Bristol Channel.

Which hairy biker is ill?

‘He’s been a bit rough,’ said co-star Dave Myers

Hairy Bikers star Si King missed a TV appearance on BBC One’s Morning Live today (17 December) because he has coronavirus. The diagnosis was revealed by his fellow Hairy Biker, Dave Myers, who appeared on the show on his own.

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