Does Harley Davidson make an automatic transmission?

Do any motorcycles have an automatic transmission?

Although called “automatic motorcycles,” the bikes below have either dual-clutch transmissions with automatic modes or one-gear transmissions. Our list of clutch-free bikes is arranged by category to underscore just how wide a variety of bike styles there is to choose from.

Who makes a motorcycle with an automatic transmission?


Due to how the permanent magnet electric motor works, there is really only one gear. However, the bike does have an “automatic” transmission, allowing the rider to shift between neutral, drive, and reverse.

Why are most motorcycles manual transmission?

Weight and space savings and simplicity are also why most motorcycles still use manual transmissions. Modern cars offer CVTs, dual-clutch automatics, and torque-converter automatics, but the vast majority of bikes still have manuals. Kawasaki’s even working on a manual-equipped electric bike.

What is better automatic or manual motorcycle?

In general, manual transmissions provide a more engaging ride but require more attention and effort from the rider. Automatic transmissions allow you to focus a bit more on the ride but can feel a bit robotic at times.

Does Honda make automatic motorcycles?

Right hand grip, with buttons for auto/manual mode, neutral, and drive mode selection. Of course, you can manually shift the DCT. Honda’s automatic bikes don’t have a clutch lever or a foot shifter; instead, you get toggles on the left hand grip, upshifting with your index finger and downshifting with your thumb.

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Are all motorcycles manual transmission?

The vast majority of motorcycles on sale today are equipped with manual transmissions. However, the barrier of entry to motorcycling is getting lower with a slowly growing prominence of bikes that don’t require any shifting by the rider.

How do you shift a manual motorcycle?

Pull the clutch lever in with your left hand. Shift down into the next lower gear with your left foot. Slowly release the clutch lever with your left hand. If you are downshifting for a hill or to enable faster acceleration, roll the throttle open as you release the clutch.

Are automatic motorcycles good?

Automatic motorcycles are also great for driving in the city or navigating traffic. You can easily stop and start without worrying about shifting gears. You can stop on a dime in tight spaces for more peace of mind. Automatic bikes also don’t stall.

Why are there no automatic bikes?

Main reason why we don’t have automatic on motorcycles is the complexity involved in making an automatic bike, let alone space and weight considerations. You already have enough electronics under the tank, let alone a few more complex additions, plus this adds more to the cost which will affect the end user overall.

Can I take my motorcycle test on an automatic?

You can take your A2 motorcycle test on either a manual or automatic motorbike.

Does an automatic motorcycle have a clutch?

Automatic motorcycles have built-in automatic gear-changing systems that change gears without any assistance from the rider. Today, most automatic bikes have two clutch systems to enhance the smoothness and ease of the gear changes when riding. This system is called a Dual Clutch System.

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