How are motorcycle leathers measured?

How are motorcycle suits measured?

Measure around the natural waist line, inline with the navel, keeping the tape horizontal. Measure around the fullest part of your hips, level around the buttocks, keeping the tape horizontal.

How do you size one piece leathers?

One piece suits are measured in chest sizes, but take into account your arm and leg length too. As with jackets, it’s best to use a tape measure to measure the fullest part of your chest. Place the tape under your arms and make sure it’s flat across you back in order that you get the most accurate measurement possible.

What size is a 44 motorcycle jacket?


38 – 40 32 – 34 M
42 – 44 36 – 38 L
46 – 48 40 – 42 XL
50 – 52 44 – 46 2XL

How are leathers measured?

Leather is measured and calculated in square metres, decimetres, square feet (inch: inches), lengthwise or in kilogrammes. When speaking of leather, it is common to use words like weight leather and surface leather while leather laces and leather strips are sold by length.

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How should bike leathers fit?

Leathers should be a snug fit. If they are loose things can move around and more to the point if there loose and you’re sliding along and your leg or sleeve rides up you can’t get nasty friction burns. Made to measure leathers are not as expensive as many people think. Get measured up and protect yourself.

How should a race suit fit?

You want it snug, but not too tight. Not being able to stand all the way up is entirely possible on a suit that still fits properly. Make sure you feel comfortable in a race/tucked position (chances are that things loosen up significantly if you crouch down).

How big is a 48 leather jacket?


44 44 42
46 46 44
48 48 46
50 50 48

What size is a 56 leather jacket?

Measure the circumference of your chest. If the measurement is 46, order a size 48.

KIDS’ Jackets:

S 36-38
L 44-46
XL 48-50
XXL 52-54
XXXL 56-58

How do you measure for a leather jacket?

Make sure your jacket fits a bit snug through your shoulders, and through your chest and waist. If you are in between two sizes, I recommend going with the smaller one because if you are buying a good quality leather jacket, it will expand over time.

What size is 56 in motorcycle leathers?

European sizes are exactly 10 above UK inches so if you’re a 46 inch chest then you will need a size 56 in Alpinestars.

Leather Jean sizes for Alpinestars.

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UK Size Alpinestars
34 52
36 54
38 56
40 58

What size leather jacket is 44?

Size Chart (Measurements in Inches)

Size Chest
Small (S) 40″ 36″-38″
Medium (M) 42″ 38″-40″
Large (L) 44″ 40″-42″
X Large (XL) 46″ 42″-44″

What size is 54 in a leather jacket?


52 52 23
54 54 23.1/2
56 56 24
58 58 24.1/2