What does CBR stand for on Honda motorcycles?

What does Honda CBR mean?

CBR is the “R” (racing) version of the old CB series.(I think 1968 or 1969) CB is a shortened version of the old Honda Cub and SuperCub. ( sometime around 1952) So my guess is the timeline goes: Honda Cub.

What is CBR motorcycle?

In terms of Honda motorcycles, “CBR” stands for cross beam racer. The motorcycle series’ name derives from the fact that the four-cylinder engine is placed across the motorcycle’s frame beams, according to Dan Hancock, a member of Honda’s R&D team.

What is the difference between Honda CB and CBR?

The most significant differences between the two engines is the CBR gets a ram intake for stronger top-end power, while the CB receives an upgrade of dual intake ducts compared to the single of the F model.

What does GSX-R stand for?

Suzuki’s GSX-R supposedly stands for “Grand Sport eXperimental- Racing”, Honda’s CB stands for “City Bike”, and CBR is short for “City Bike Racer” (or “racing”) not for “cross beam racer”.

What does CRF stand for Honda?

CR stands for close ratio, refering to the type of bike, (constantly having to shift, less powerband) Also, XR stands for extended ratio,(being able to ride in same gear, broud powerband) THus,CRF means close ratio fourstroke.

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What does HRC stand for Honda?

The new facility was called the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC). Its mission was ‘the development, manufacture and sales of motorcycles and parts for racing’. It was tasked with not just Honda’s road racing program but also those in trials, motocross and endurance.

What does YZF mean?

…so ‘YZF-R6’ means “Yamaha Racing Four-stroke Racing 600”.

What does the F stand for in cbr600f?

Apr 5, 2014 India. F = Fun. Naked street/sport/commuter bikes: CB = City Bike. CBF = City Bike Fun.

What is the difference between CBR650R and CB650R?

Honda CB650R vs Honda CBR650R Summary

8.67 Lakh. The claimed mileage . In technical specifications, Honda CB650R is powered by 648.72 cc engine , while Honda CBR650R is powered by 648.72 cc engine. Honda CB650R is available in 2 different colours while Honda CBR650R comes with 2 colours.

Is CBR 250 discontinued?

The Honda CBR250R will no longer be available as Honda has pulled the plug on the old supersport. Honda will not be providing the necessary BS6 emission updates to the CBR250R. Globally, Honda offers the CBR300R, which was the CBR250R’s replacement.

What does Suzuki GS stand for?

Universal Japanese Motorcycle

The universality of design wasn’t that surprising as the GS and its contemporaries were designed as ‘general purposes motorcycles’ capable of sport riding, touring and commuting.

What is the difference between a katana and a GSX-R?

The Katana and GSX-S have noticeably different ergonomics, with the Katana feeling taller and broader than its brother. Both models use a Renthal tapered aluminum handlebar, though the Katana’s bend is higher and wider than that on the GSX-S. The result is a riding position more upright and roomy on the Katana.

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What does Suzuki SRAD mean?

SRAD. The SRAD (Suzuki Ram Air Direct) provides air intakes at the front that force air directly into the airbox. All models as of 1996 have employed this design.