What motorcycles have automatic transmissions?

Do any motorcycles have an automatic transmission?

Although called “automatic motorcycles,” the bikes below have either dual-clutch transmissions with automatic modes or one-gear transmissions. Our list of clutch-free bikes is arranged by category to underscore just how wide a variety of bike styles there is to choose from.

Who makes a motorcycle with automatic transmission?


Due to how the permanent magnet electric motor works, there is really only one gear. However, the bike does have an “automatic” transmission, allowing the rider to shift between neutral, drive, and reverse.

Does Harley Davidson make a automatic motorcycle?

The only Harley-Davidson motorcycle that comes with automatic transmission is the 2020 LiveWire model. Positioned as H-D’s flagship electric motorcycle, the LiveWire is aimed at new riders outside the existing customer base.

Does Harley make an automatic transmission?

That’s right, yes, Harley Davidson has motorcycles with an automatic transmission. There wasn’t a big enough demand for automatic transmissions, and automatics are costlier to produce. However, after listening to customers, the company has come out with their first automatic Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Does Honda make automatic motorcycles?

Right hand grip, with buttons for auto/manual mode, neutral, and drive mode selection. Of course, you can manually shift the DCT. Honda’s automatic bikes don’t have a clutch lever or a foot shifter; instead, you get toggles on the left hand grip, upshifting with your index finger and downshifting with your thumb.

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Are automatic motorcycles good?

Automatic motorcycles are also great for driving in the city or navigating traffic. You can easily stop and start without worrying about shifting gears. You can stop on a dime in tight spaces for more peace of mind. Automatic bikes also don’t stall.

Are Kawasaki Ninjas automatic?

The automatic transmission in cars makes them used to of automatic shift system. The shifting mechanism of Kawasaki ninja motorcycle has an assist and slipper clutch. This essentially means that your bike won’t stall or jerk forward even if you are new to manual transmission.

What is a semi-automatic motorcycle?

What is a Semi Automatic Motorcycle? A semi-automatic motorcycle utilises the same DTC clutch that an automatic has, but rather than a computer deciding which gear to use and when to use it, this is controlled manually by the rider.

Is manual or automatic motorcycle better?

Acceleration: Manual motorcycles have better acceleration than automatic motorcycles. The weight of the gearbox is less, and it has more gear ratio and speed options. There is also no torque converter. This helps with acceleration because torque converters typically decrease the overall torque dramatically.